13 February 2014

New GSA Specifications and Usage Limits document, and GSA maximum file sizes

Google Search Appliance documentation has, historically, been pretty good at explaining how the GSA works, but not so good about documenting the allowed ranges for a lot of configuration options. Typically, the way you'd find them out was by exceeding one of them, and seeing that things didn't work as expected. You'd then open a Google support ticket, and the support engineer would tell you, "You can't have more than X of those." This has been mildly frustrating, especially for me as a GSA instructor. When a student asked what the maximum value for a given field is, I'd have to either rely on my own experience or say I didn't know.

12 February 2014

Google Search Appliance 7.2 New Features

Google announced the release of Google Search Appliance 7.2 today! Lots of point releases tend to be mostly bug fixes, but this is a major release - with a number of powerful new features! I've already had GSA customers ask me whether they should upgrade, so I thought it would be useful to describe some of the new features in detail.